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Women love it when a man puts his heart into it, I mean really spends time paying attention to the details. For example, not only would you want to have a nice hotel but remembering the “view” is just as special to the ladies!

Valentines Day is your day to really shine and show her how much you love her, but really, shouldn’t you love your honey like every day is Valentines? Why wait for one day a year to express your love for them, how much you appreciate them, how much you need them? Are you taking for granted that you will always have tomorrow? You won’t. The most shocking part of losing someone we love is never getting to say goodbye and tell them how we felt about them. Don’t wait until it’s too late to let them know just what they mean to you. Don’t go to bed mad either.

In a perfect world, that would be great, but in hectic world of juggling our careers, marriage, kids, hobbies, kid’s hobbies and time with our families, sometimes romance can take the back burner often leaving you feeling disconnected from your spouse.

I encourage you to remember that it’s the little things that count. It is about being invested in the person enough to try to make time to show them in the little ways everyday just what they mean to you.

Here are step by step instructions on how you can keep the flame burning any day of the year!

Make an effort. I promise you they won’t forget it.

1). Start their day off right! Get the mood set early in the day! Hand writes them a note telling them 3 things you love about them the most.

2) Deliver a dozen YELLOW roses with 1 red one. The emphasis and what you are really celebrating is your love and your friendship. Yellow symbolizes friendship. Red is for your love. Make sure she knows that her opinion means a lot to you and that is why her friendship matters show much. She will eat it up!

3) Have a box delivered with a few Naughty items of your choice. Go to Victoria Secret and pick out something special that you like – (check her bra and panty size before you go, or you can order online) and maybe stop at the local Adam & Eve and pick up a toy, handcuffs, flavored lubes and maybe even a blindfold!

4) Write her a short erotic note describing how each thing will be used after your dinner date. (Make reservations at her fav spot in advance)

5) Pick her up from work and hand her a box of chocolates and a sentimental sweet card with just a few words and sign it.

6) Take her to dinner. If they have live music see if you can have the band dedicate a song to her from you (them announcing it, tips work)

7) A carriage ride is always a nice option, but if you don’t have that, find a safe place on the beach and park under moonlight or even take a midnight stroll on the beach. Draw in the sand together.

8) Lots and lots of candles, hot bubble bath for two, soft music and wine is a sure fire way to get in the mood.

9).Slow dance just the two of you in the dark, feeling each other’s body so close, feel their lips touching yours.

10) Make love to her like you will never see her again. But one last thing, before you ignite the fire, pick out 1 heart candy (valentines candy) that best describes how you feel about her and leave it on her pillow!




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