Check out GASH, South Philly’s new Sleaze Punk band

Formed out of South Philly GASH takes straight up punk riffs, combined with melodic guitars and mixes in on-stage S&M rituals to form an all-out sexual assault on the senses. Front-girl Tibbie doesn’t shy away from the audience and likes to make a physical connection, often asking them to handcuff her as she offers herself to the crowd.

Here’s a shot from this Saturday’s show at Connie’s Ric Rac in South Philly.

Front-girl Tibbie X sang an entire song lying on the floor in the middle of the audience as a “trust exercise” with her eyes closed.


Tibbie also plays Bass in 80 hardcore punk band Reagan Youth. They recently played TLA with Dead Kennedys and are playing Underground Arts in a few weeks.

For more info about the band, Pls. visit GASH Official Site

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