Philadelphia Online TV Network For Sale

Own Your Own Online TV Channel or Network!

~ Great For Video Producers, Local Studios, Entrepreneurs, Start Ups

~ Even a Beginner with no experience can run their own Online Network – We’ve Done Much of the work already

~ Huge Local Content Delivery System with 26,000 Online Connections (and growing)

~ Work from Your Studio, Basement, Office or Garage

~ Mobile, Online, Wireless or Wired LIVE STREAMING BROADCASTS

~ Automatically Archive All Videos and Send them out to Existing Viewers

 ~ Generate Ad Revenue

~ Compete against established TV Channels in Philadelphia

~ Compete against TV News Channels and Shows

~ Create Your Own:  Comedy, Drama, News, Travel, Fashion, Sports, Food Programming

~ Take Advantage of Nationwide Audience of 4 Million Viewers Daily

~ Influence and Manipulate the News Cycle

TriCaster Mini 4i

The TriCaster Mini4i has so many features it used to take a tractor trailer truck and 10 technicians to do the same workflows. The Mini4i Fits in your Airplane Carry On Bag. Check out the Link Below.

The Unplugged Generation is not an Age Group:  It’s an entire sociocultural shift away from traditional cable and television sets to online viewing, and Motley Fool says it’s here to stay.  “The TV 2.0 phenomena is a 2.3 Trillion Dollar market, and will be bigger than the Internet itself”. Everyone has become a cord cutter, getting rid of their old habits and patterns, with many millennials NEVER even watching any traditional television at all.  They have literally migrated to their laptops and tablets.

People are watching less and less traditional television, and how does the Industry respond? By creating more Ads!  With cord cutting on the rise, TV networks are trying to save TV by ruining TV

“So what are TV networks doing in an effort to offset the declining revenue due to dwindling audiences? You guessed it… they’re running more ads than ever before.”

Maybe you’ve noticed it:  Instead of adapting to the sociocultural shift of the Unplugged world, TV Networks are actually increasing the number of ads.. what used to be 22 minutes of programming, is down to 18 minutes.  And the very thing that annoys us the most:  TV Commercials, are being increased, driving even more people to cut the cord.

Why hasn’t the movement been faster and even more dynamic?  The conundrum is in: LOCAL.  No big Internet giant like Amazon, Google, Apple or MicroSoft has the ambition, the money or the time to build a huge local audience in each market, and they are not that very good at reading tea leaves anyway.   Even if Apple wanted to create a Local Streaming network in Philadelphia, their approach would be to throw tens of millions of dollars at the problem, with no guarantee of success, and then possibly turn people off, because the programming would be “too mainstream”.

There is ONE Internet Brand in the entire United States which started out with the goal of building a nationwide LOCAL ONLINE STREAMING SERVICE.  Only one which ever endeavored to bring live News, Sports, Entertainment, Dramas and Shows to the Internet.  And you have already landed on their page! You are here!

There is NO OTHER streaming network company attempting to GO LOCAL.  None!  Hulu plays old Hollywood ReRuns from Ten years ago, and except for a few 12 Episode Series, Netflix is certainly not going into the Local Live Online Streaming market anytime soon.

Social N TV has a MASSIVE Audience and Websites in Each Major US City

Simply put, NOW is the time to jump into this emerging trend, now is the time to bring ripe, local flavor to the people’s laptops, now is the time to get into the market, SINCE IT CAN GO NOWHERE BUT UP!


SocialInPhilly already has set up for the prospective buyer:

Popular Website: Mobile/Tablet enabled http://socialinphilly.com acts as a content delivery system and you have a ready made audience to compete with any TV station in the area

26,000 PLUS Local Connections Online on Twitter and Facebook (with a National audience of 4 Million)  @SocialinPhilly  *Social N prides itself on ALL LOCAL ACTIVE followers, that is our trademark.. We are the best in the business.


Equipment:  Tricaster Mini4i Adds Green Screen Capability, Graphics, Editing, all on one portable machine (check out all the Specs, too many to list here: http://www.newtek.com/products/tricaster-mini/tech-specs.html ) this caster does it all! What used to take ESPN or ABCNews a tractor trailer full of equipment is literally able to fit in your compact suitcase, or travel on a plane!  Even the most experienced film crews do not have the capability of these TriCasters.  Social N puts you in the VERY best equipment that money can buy anywhere.  Look at the link above, and come back to his page.

Financing Options Available for the Entrepreneur or Business Person or Existing Studio (However, No experience is Necessary)

We’ll even fly in specialists to train you and teach you how to run your new business from your office or Garage. ( You may very soon outgrow that garage… Think Big)

The Existing Business is $79,999.  with a ten percent down payment option to qualify for financing.

THIS IS A ONE OFF PURCHASE!  Only One Buyer for the Philadelphia Market.


How do I know if I will qualify for financing?  Great Question: We have many financing options available through AmeriFunding.Net they have plans for:

A. No Credit/Low Credit:  Qualify for as low as 580 scores

B.  401Ks:   Finance Your New Investment, and still keep your Tax Benefits

C.  Signature Loans:  No existing business revenue

D.  Existing Business: Qualify using your existing business revenues ($6k/month minimum cash flow from existing business)

E.  Get a Line of Credit for Purchase, and expansion expenses to grow your TV Network or purchase additional equipment

D.  Personal Qualifying:  Qualify using your own personal credit scores, and/or a signature loan

How long does it take to qualify:  AmeriFunding should have your answer in the same day or next,  (submit your short form to: Application@AmeriFunding.Net ) and you can have your financing in as little as 3 or 4 days.   Download Short Form Here

 Do I need to posses any special skills to own my own Network?   What you don’t know is probably a good thing.  Many in the “streaming” space are still using older video cameras that are not even compatible with modern USB cables.   Social N will actually fly a technician to you and train you on how to use the Tricaster, and we offer a nationwide brand already.  We’ll continue to maintain the growth of the social media network, so you will always be growing your audience, while you focus on the fun and creative business of managing your network.

 What if I see some online series on YouTube that are really well done, but only have a few hundred hits per month?   Great Question, glad you asked!  If you see some local talent really struggling, you might approach them to broadcast their shows on your new network.  If they show promise, and are getting traction locally? You can offer them exposure over ALL OF THE SOCIAL IN CHANNELS NATIONWIDE!  You can give them the service free, you can offer them a production contract where they pay to be on your network, or they can sell advertising spots or sponsorships to help pay for them to be on your network.  It’s totally up to you what you want to charge them, or nothing at all.  You are the boss!

Will I have to invest more money in my network after it’s up and running?  No.  You will be able to run all the shows you want and produce an UNLIMITED amount of live streaming media for an entire year, everything is included.  After one year, the amount you spend on bandwidth is not only flexible, but you only buy what you need.  (About $2,000 to $3,000 per annum)

What if I want to grow my network by adding more field crews and production staff?  This is optional.  Of course you want to invest in your business, and add more content.  This is NOT required.  However, as any business person knows, “the early bird catches the worm”  and it takes money to make money.   If you intend on capturing as much of the live streaming market as possible, then you should plan on expanding fast, and be prepared for copycats.  Remember, Social N is the ONLY company with an executable business model for live local streaming.  We intend on keeping that leading edge, and fighting off challenges from start ups.

What happens if I talk to a brand that wants national exposure?  Can I make money from that contract?  Yes! Absolutely!  By all means you don’t want to turn away great revenue from travel companies, or luxury properties in Philadelphia who need regional or national exposure.  YOU are the producer, you can make contracts with them.   AND like with any network, national brands from other markets will by needs have to be run on your channel.  This is the power and strength of a national network.  Some programming is local, some is tailored to a national audience.

You are doing a lot to put me in business, and trusting me with tens of thousands of connections in Philadelphia, how or when will I know if I can be the Producer in the Philadelphia Area?  Well, obviously, we want the best partner we can get.  A creative person with an open mind, and with no political bent is ideal.  We want the best possible INVESTOR, who is willing to invest in themselves, their Channel, and their neighborhood.  We want you to think big and have a great attitude toward the potential of the Internet as a source of growth, yes, but also a dynamic force for good.  In short, we want someone who is going to have a vision of PLAYING BIGGER and CHANGING THE WORLD THROUGH ONLINE STREAMING!  Call and Speak to the Founder, Mr. Dunn at 703-675-0593.

My Own TV Network in Philadelphia