Summer Sizzles with A&E’s “The Glades”

The Glades

A Review of the A&E Series “The Glades” by Tiffany A. White

The Glades follows Detective Jim Longworth (played by the ever-adorable Aussie, Matt Passmore) as he solves crime in South Florida. Excommunicated from Chicago after allegedly sleeping with his boss’s wife, Jim takes his settlement money and moves to the Miami area to play golf. He takes a job with a small law enforcement agency (FDLE – Florida Department of Law Enforcement), thinking it will not take him away from the golf course all that often… he was wrong.

Partnered most of the time with the agency’s medical examiner (Carlos Sanchez, played by Carlos Gomez), Jim ruffles feathers as he solves homicide cases using his unique approach and disregard for the rules. Carlos tries desperately to ground Jim and keep him from drawing attention to the FDLE, but no one can wrangle Jim—except maybe Callie.

While working a case, Jim meets Callie (played by Kiele Sanchez), a single-mom and registered nurse who is also putting herself through medical school at the same time. The two have an instant connection, but there’s only one problem—Callie is married (or at least she was at the time).

Her husband, Ray (Clayne Crawford, perhaps most recently recognized for his role on Leverage as Eliot’s nemesis), is serving time for armed robbery during season one. In season two, Ray cuts a deal and is placed into Witness Protection, but not before putting a kink in Jim’s and Callie’s love affair as he gets to spend some time with his and Callie’s son, Jeff.

Jeff (Uriah Shelton) adores Jim, but obviously he loves his dad and yearns for the day his parents can be together once again—like any child would. This poses a problem for Callie, who doesn’t want to upset her son, but knows her relationship with Ray is over. Eventually, Callie decides Jim is worth the risk and announces she wants a divorce to pursue her future with him.

The Glades also stars Michelle Hurd as Colleen Manus, Jim’s FDLE boss, and Jordan Wall as Daniel, Carlos’ intern (a fun sidekick for Jim, even if his overzealousness drives Carlos crazy all of the time).

Oh, and before I forget, Callie also assists the FDLE on cases from time to time as a forensic nurse.

One might wonder why yet another police procedural set in or around Miami is worthy of a watch. I can answer in one word—Jim. Not only is he adorable (as mentioned earlier in this post), but his character is seriously flawed and he walks to the beat of his own drum, ignoring everyone and everything he’s told. But don’t worry; although the character is a bit of a rebel, he’s not at all annoying.

In case anyone wants another reason, how about the tumultuous relationship between Jim and Callie… everyone knows that once television characters “hook up” on screen, ratings seem to fizzle. Regardless, I can’t help but root for these two to get together. I’m not much of a romantic (in other words, it doesn’t bother me if a television program or motion picture doesn’t end with the ever-popular “happily ever after”), but it’s because of Jim’s character and his on again/off again relationship with Callie that I keep tuning in.

Open the windows, turn on the fan, pour a glass of wine, and enjoy watching The Glades as the summer sizzles down in South Florida.

The Glades returns to A&E Monday, May 27th


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